Garden Treasures Fire Pit

Garden Treasures fire pit raises the standard when it comes to modern and functional fire pits for both indoor and outdoor use. When planning to buy a fire pit, consider this brand and get the full benefits out of your money. There are many reasons for you to choose Garden Treasures from the quality built or craftsmanship, functionality, efficiency, classy and unique designs and of course that extra layer of security for its fire pits.

All about fire pits

Fire pits have been an integral part in the advancement of human civilization. Early humans dug out holes on the ground where wood is burned either for warmth or cooking. These pits are the easiest and most basic “cooking stoves” back then. The tradition still remains today. They are still created and used on campings, outdoor gatherings and activities, cooking, etc. The only difference is that there are now portable fire pits made out of stone, concrete or metal which can either be fueled by wood or natural gas like the Garden Treasures gas fire pit.

garden treasures fire pit

Additional benefits of these modern day fire holes are their ability to contain fire and prevent it from spreading. Altering the landscape of your garden or yard just to create a fire hole is no longer necessary. And for those that don’t have fireplaces, these are perfect alternatives.

Fire pits and accessories offered by Garden Treasures

According to fuel:

garden treasures gas fire pit

  • Wood burning pits. These are the pits intended to burn wood or charcoal. The benefit of choosing the wood burning types is the opportunity to cook or grill food above or around the flames. On the negative side, there’s that problem on smoke and soot so a chimney or exhaust might be necessary if they are to be used indoors. Currently, there are 8 available styles and designs of wood burning Garden Treasures fire pit.
  • Gas or propane burning pits. As the category suggests, these are pits that use propane or gas to heat up and produce fire. They usually have knobs for you to control the intensity of fire or heat. Without problems on smoke or soot, they are perfect for indoor use. They are also relatively safer than their wood burning counterparts. There are currently 3 available styles and designs of the propane fueled pits.

garden treasures fire pit replacement parts

According to material:

  • Steel pits. Majority of the fire pits offered by the brand and almost in the entire market are made out of steel.
  • Bronze steel pits. For that more rustic or classic feel, the combination of bronze and steel is also used for a few of the Garden Treasures fire pit designs.
  • Copper steel pits. Many consumers prefer that classier look of copper so the brand created pits with a combination of steel and polished copper.

According to design:

  • Classic or antique pits. Majority of the brand’s offering have that classic or antique look making it look more appealing indoors or even outdoors. Majority are also colored in black.
  • Gas fire table with faux wood finish. A larger gas fire table with a faux wood finish of the frame is also available to accommodate that bigger heat and aesthetic demands of the users.

garden treasures propane fire pit

Available accessories:

Currently, the wood burning pits come with metal screens, a metal tool or stick for easier wood or charcoal handling and a PVC cover. Pebble covers in circle or square type can be bought separately. And Garden Treasures fire pit replacement parts are still to be released.

Garden Treasures fire pit features

Enjoy the following features and benefits when you avail of the brand’s fire pits:

  • Classy, quality, and attractive designs
  • Heavy duty and multifunctional
  • Functionality at a relatively cheaper price.
  • High temperature or heat-treated paint ensuring that the pit’s color and design lasts for years
  • Smokeless and better heat output while maintaining fuel efficiency for the propane pits.
  • Added safety through the safety covers and screens with the wood burning pits and through the control adjustment and regulator for the Garden Treasures propane fire pit.

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